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Network Associates Coliseum Park Factors: Hits 95; Runs 95; HRs 107  

(100 is average, under 100 is favorable to pitchers)

Tim Hudson

Values ~  2000:  $21     2001:  $20     2002:  $17     2003:  $28

Hudson's ratios since arriving in Oakland have been impressive and improved last year after some softness in 2002. Hudson keeps the ball down with a sinker, splitter, slider and change and gets a lot of ground ball outs. He gets a little less respect than Zito and Mulder due to his smaller frame, but I like Hudson and I'd love to have him anchor my staff.

Barry Zito

Values ~  2000:  $15     2001:  $18     2002:  $28     2003:  $18 

Zito did not follow up his Cy Young year with another dominating performance; he was merely very, very good. He features a moving fastball and one of the best curves in the business to go with a slider and change and like the other A's starters, has a strong mound presence. His hit, HR and walk rates last year were generally comparable to 2002 but his K rate was down 21% following a 17% decline the year before. As a result, his plate command (K/BB) number is substandard and therefore noteworthy. It's possible hitters have adjusted to Zito and that he can adjust in turn. Or he may not be throwing as well as he was. If I were a Zito owner, I'd be a little concerned about that trend, but in the end, I'd probably bank on another good year and perhaps some increase in value. Zito is reportedly working on his mechanics this spring.

Mark Mulder

Values ~   2000:  -$7     2001:  $24     2002:  $20     2003:  $19

Mulder was putting together another solid season in 2003 until he began to experience hip problems in August. This was later diagnosed as a fractured femur and he missed the rest of the season. He should be ready to go this spring. Once Mulder began to locate his pitches well a couple of seasons ago, all of his ratios improved tremendously. When I saw him pitch, he mixed a fastball in the 88-92 range, a huge-breaking curve and a change to good effect. He relied more on his off-speed stuff as the game progressed, using the fastball to keep batters honest and keeping them off-balance with his other pitches. An anchor for your rotation.

Mark Redman

Values ~  2000:  $6     2001:  -$1     2002:  $3     2003:  $12

After injury-plagued 2001-2002, Redman stayed healthy last year and became a mainstay in the Florida rotation. His fastball is said to be average and to lack movement, his off-speed stuff better. He clearly relies on having to locate his pitches. He showed a pronounced home/road split last year and should benefit from another pitcher's park. Still, last year may have been a career year, so I'd soften his price a bit.

Justin Duchscherer

Values ~  2000:  NA     2001:  -$4     2002:  NA     2003:  $3

Duchscherer has excellent plate command. Last year at AAA he walked just 18 in 155 innings. His K/BB Ratio in 30+ IP in the majors is 3.71. His hit rates in the minors have jumped around a bit. I don't think he'll develop into anything special, but it's possible he could be a decent filler or free agent pick.

Arthur Rhodes

Values ~  2000:  $8     2001:  $19     2002:  $18     2003:  $5

Rhodes posted very good ratios last year, but he wasn't as dominant as his 2001-02 seasons as all of his ratios declined. Maybe he can bounce back and be the closer Oakland thinks he can become. Rhodes throws major heat, but has a slider, curve and change to give hitters more to think about.

Chad Bradford

Values ~  2000:  $5     2001:  $5     2002:  $8     2003:  $10

A featured performer in Moneyball, Bradford was characterized as the closer to be used before the ninth, which was probably a frustrating thing for his owners to have to read. His values however, are a testament to how effective he's been in the role. Bradford has a submarine delivery, keeping the ball down to induce a lot of groundouts. He tends to be tougher on RH batters with a mid-80s fastball and sweeping curve. Bradford's spring has been slowed by a sore back.

Ricardo Rincon

Values ~  2000:  $4     2001:  $7     2002:  $4     2003:  $8

Rincon rebounded nicely after missing time in 2000 to elbow surgery. He's a sinker/slider pitcher and a good staff addition for owners expecting to do well in ERA and Ratio.

Chris Hammond

Values ~  2000:  NA     2001:  NA     2002:  $17      2003:  $7

Hammond is a veteran lefty who turned in respectable numbers for 2004, but they paled in comparison to his thoroughly unexpected 2002 campaign. His fastball tops out in the mid 80s, so he relies on keeping hitters off-stride with his good changeup and a slider. A repeat of 2003 is probably the most that should be expected.

Jim Mecir

Values ~   2000:  $17     2001:  $5     2002:  $4     2003:  $0 

Mecir, who has a club foot, has struggled with knee and leg problems for the last two years which have caused him to struggle with his mechanics. Mecir missed the early part of the season following an off-season knee accident and never did attain he usual level of effectiveness as he struggled with swelling in the knee. When healthy, he gets the ball on the ground, maintaining an excellent HR rate and has been very hard to hit.

Chad Harville

Values ~  2000:  NA     2001:  $3     2002:  NA     2003:  $1

Harville turned in a good 2003 closing at AAA and gets a chance now that he's out of options. He's reputed to have a very good fastball but mediocre at best secondary pitches. In three prior major-league trials his ratios have been poor as he's struggled with command (Career: Hit Rate = 1.15; K/BB Ratio = 1.30; HR Rate = .128).

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